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At Bliss you can experience tanning heaven!

St Tropez are always looking to upgrade their products and have now made tanning products without the "Fake Tan Smell".  (so no one will ever know its Fake.....)

We have  a "CUSTOM BUILT BOOTH".  We were the 1st salon in the UK to have such a booth.  We went to an exhibition and chose all the best bits from all their booths and had one specially made for us.

We have an HVLP booth which takes approx 20mins to receive a complete tan.
After your preparation of a St Tropez exfoliation, leave the rest to us.
Upon arrival you shall be taken to our tanning room, given a gown, sticky feet and paper underwear (if you choose).
We shall moisturise all the dry bits (feet, hands, knees & elbows).  We shall discuss your tanning needs and advise how to achieve this.

At Bliss we class our "REGULAR" tan as a double spray, this ensures your tan is the best we can possibly give.  This tan will last 7-10 days.  If you require a lighter or darker tan this adjusted by the amount of spray we use.

St Tropez Air Tanning

Enjoy our new St Tropez Air Tanning and experience the simplicity of air tanning.  You will look fabulous and can carry on with the rest of your day, as the tan darkens....

Double dip is 2 double tans on 2 consecutive days.... 'UBER' dark.

St Tropez have been busy busy making lots of lovely new products for us.

We can now offer :

LUXE DRY OIL - new luxurious way to tan and with a wonderful smell and gold shimmer ... ooooohhhhhh......

Also available is Tropic Sun Drench using the air brush tanning machine.

Price VipPrice Duration
£22.00 £22.00 30 mins single spray
£28.00 £28.00 30 mins double spray
£28.00 £28.00 30 mins tropic tan