Red squiggle of nail varnish Hands being rubbed Lid of nail varnish bottle Nails hands and feet Manicure being done Red nail polish Two hands together with acrylic nailis
At Bliss we have the large selection of hand treatments.
We offer some of the leading brands in the industry : 

CND Almond Solar Manicure
Manicure using Tropic Hand & Nail Products

CND Shellac   CND Play   CND Plexigel
CND Vinylux   CND Acrylic  

Lecente Glitters & Nail Foils 

CND Almond Solar Manicure

 The perfect manicure system for prettier hands!

Our Solar Manicure includes a wonderful hand massage inc wrist, soak & cuticle work, shape and oiling of the nails, includes polish.

Price VipPrice Duration
£26.00 £26.00 45 mins inc polish or buffing
£31.50 £31.50 1 hr inc shellac polish

Acrylic Nail Enhancements for Hands

Enjoy perfectly manicured acrylic enhancements, everyday of the year.   At Bliss we can offer a numerous finishes.   All you need to do is apply Solar Oil daily and these nails will look perfect everyday... 

Maintenance is required every 2 - 3 weeks.

Price VipPrice Duration
£25.00 £25.00 1 hr infills
£45.00 £45.00 1 hr 15 mins new set
£30.00 £30.00 1 hr rebalance

Gel (2 week) Polish

At Bliss we include cuticle work, file & shape and Solar Oil treatment in the price of Gel Polish.

We mostly use CND as it gives outstanding results : CND Shellac & CND Play

Price VipPrice Duration
£11.50 £11.50 20 mins remove with mani
£5.00 £5.00 15 mins remove in treat
£28.00 £28.00 45 mins shellac with mani
£6.00 £6.00 15 mins nail fix