We have also chosen to take skincare to the next level and are now able to offer D GRADED MEDICAL PROCEDURES - COLLAGEN STIMULATION THERAPY.  This treatment offers outstanding results in a holistic way by making the skin reproduce collagen thus tightening, repairing and very anti ageing results.

So, how does it work?

Collagen Stimulation Therapy, or ‘CST’ as it more commonly known, is a cutting edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural healing powers to tighten the skin. The treatment encourages the release of the body’s own powerful growth factors, which produce a natural healing response.

The body responds to CST in the same way it would react to an injury. The small amount of bleeding caused during treatment releases growth factors, which are part of the natural healing responses inducing increased collagen and elastin production. The overall result is a complete freshening to the skin which is clearly visible to the naked eye.This treatment is the only one on the market which enables your skin to produce elastin and healthy collagen.

cst skin treatment elgin

CIT Collagen Stimulation Therapy

This is a D Graded Medical Procedure giving outstanding results in anti-ageing.

The first treatment needs a skincare pre treatment. Every client has to allow their skin to become accustomed to AVST for at least 3 months prior to treatment and it also helps the results to take ANP Collagen & Skin Vit C. 

The full importance of these shall be explained during consultation.

It is recommended that a course of 6 treatments be taken ideally once a week, for optimum results.
However due to nature of this treatment and expectation of results different treatment plans can be arranged.  Even a single treatment can have outstanding results.

Scars, burns, small areas can all be treated with a reduced cost.  All quotations shall be given at consultation.  

Single 1mm treatment is recommended for face & neck - 4 hand sizes can be treated in a single treat

Price VipPrice Duration
£50.00 £50.00 30 mins consultation redeemable
£150.00 £150.00 1 hr 30 mins single 1.5mm spot treat
£300.00 £300.00 1 hr 30 mins three 1.5mm spot treat
£300.00 £300.00 2 hrs 30 mins single 3mm body treat
£700.00 £700.00 2 hrs 30 mins three 3mm body treat
£1,100.00 £1,100.00 2 hrs 30 mins six 3mm body treat
£230.00 £230.00 2 hrs single 1mm treat
£550.00 £550.00 2 hrs three 1mm treat
£950.00 £950.00 2 hrs six 1mm treat
£300.00 £300.00 2 hrs 30 mins single 1.5mm body treat
£700.00 £700.00 2 hrs 30 mins three 1.5mm body treat
£1,100.00 £1,100.00 2 hrs 30 mins six 1.5mm body treat